Testimonials – Here are our testimonials.

Art that Heals

“Ms. Randel’s paintings have a soft, sublime quality that is at once restful and dynamic. Through her archetypal art, she has the ability to move our mind and senses to quieter and more powerful levels.”

Mary Montgomery, MA.Ed., Reiki III, Austin, TX

“Betsy’s art is charged with energy which will soothe, harmonize, and balance any space it is in. Besides its aesthetic value, it has intrinsic healing qualities.” premium303

Jill Hester, Psychic Reader and Energy Healer

Book – Open Lotus

“…your words skip so lightly through my mind that the imPainting they leave brings pictures my heart has been yearning to see/hear. Through the words of your poetry you have invited me into a world of “wordless” wisdom. You have a gift of perceiving the fine fabric of life’s essence and bringing it out in mundane language of everyday. This movement brings the everyday close to heavenly realms.”

E.I, Penticton, B.C.

“Betsy’s poems enliven silence and inner peace. Each time I’ve picked up her book and read a few poems, I set it down feeling refreshed, just as if I’ve spent time away in a beautiful tropical paradise. Thank you for sharing with us.”

M.M., Austin, TX

“Open Lotus is a beautiful oasis combining Betsy Randel’s poetry and paintings. Betsy Randel has the ability to find peace in the midst of turmoil and create pictures painted with words. Her poetry flows with the rhythms of life. Her work is filled with emotions that envelope with love and peace, longing and joy. Betsy finds companionship in the beauty around her and expresses it with a compassion that makes one search and question life’s essence.”

Anita Nairne, Intuitive Art Instructor, Vancouver, B.C.

“Betsy Randel is the Open Lotus. Her passion for life, love, and enlightenment is evident throughout her poetry and paintings. Her poems chart the heart of a seeker on her personal journey towards self-realization. Highlighting that bumpy lonely road are glimpses of the eternal Silence that underlies and permeates all of life – our own inner Self. Innocently open to her art and you will find healing here, and a reconnection with who you truly are.”

Kenny Chawkin, Media Relations Officer and fellow poet, Fairfield, IA