Stem Cell Treatment in Ukraine

Stem Cell Treatment in Ukraine – Diseases that are treated with stem cells. First is aging and premature aging

The treatment of fetal stem cells is the optimal, sure and only treatment for the treatment of aging and premature aging, as stem cells and fetuses specifically restore the life cycle to the stage of youth and restore vitality, activity and physical and mental activity and sexual activity to the stage of youth effectively and continuously for many years.

This type of treatment is the actual program in regenerating the body’s systems at any age and in the case of premature aging. The program helps to improve natural activity. It appears to reduce fatigue, improve gait and stature, increase work capacity and improve mental capabilities (speed up the decision-making process and return Memory) and emotional field stability.

Stem Cell Treatment in Ukraine1

One of the most important results of stem cell therapy is the cosmetic efficacy, which appears in restoring the color of face and body skin and reducing the amount of small wrinkles, the intensity of the skin, and the brilliance of the eyes. This activity develops internally as a result of the regeneration of the body’s systems and this cannot be achieved by other methods.

Many diseases associated with aging are also treated in a radical and effective way, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, joint pain, difficulty in movement, Alzheimer’s, low vision, lack of control of vital functions, sexual impotence, and mental disorders.

Secondly diabetes for children and adults

With regard to diabetes, stem cell therapy is carried out to improve the blood sugar level to the degree of reducing the use of insulin and diabetes medications to a minimum in all cases and a complete recovery in a percentage of cases.

The most important thing is that stem cell therapy prevents the complications caused by diabetes which are the most dangerous and important.

Stem cell therapy radically treats known diabetes and prevents complications, as it fixes the functions of the pancreas as a whole, not just controlling blood sugar.

It is known scientifically that diabetes occurs as a result of the inability of the pancreas to work efficiently and some tend to explain this to the imbalance of the immune system of the body, which identifies the cells of the pancreas as foreign cells and destroys them.

It is also important to know that the disease of the pancreas failure is a disease that includes many phenomena. The high level of blood sugar is considered one of the symptoms of the disease and not the disease itself, as the real disease is the weakness of the pancreas and the failure to perform a function efficiently, which leads to complications.

It is believed that the increase in blood sugar and the inability of the body to benefit from this sugar as a result of insulin deficiency (which the pancreas secretes) is the main cause of complications known about this disease as these sugars turn into harmful fats and are deposited on the wall of blood vessels throughout the body causing a deficiency in Blood circulation is the limit that reaches the complete blockage of these arteries, and hence all complications arise from the disease.

Among the known complications from this disease are the failure of the arteries supplying the heart, and angina occurs. In this way, retinal diseases threatening blindness occur, as well as kidney failure, nerve infections, loss of feeling and jealousy. The truth is that the pancreas secretes insulin that regulates the level of sugar in the blood and also secretes what are called peptides, which are substances that are of great importance in regulating many functions of the body’s organs as well as regulating metabolic processes inside the body to the point that some of these substances are not known the nature of their work at all. The lack of these peptides is one of the most important causes of complications of diabetes, which is mistakenly thought to be only the result of insulin deficiency.

Evidence for this is that diabetics who receive treatment disciplines are very disciplined and despite full control of the level of sugar in the blood these complications occur to them inevitably despite this severe regularity in the treatment. What the stem cells do in this range is that they stabilize the pancreas several hours after injecting them into the body and repair the functions in full terms, whether known or not yet discovered, and therefore they treat pancreatic weakness disease (known as diabetes) and also prevent complications of this disease as that The functions of the pancreas and those not yet discovered have a major role in the occurrence of these complications, which stem cells repair, which opens a new field in the treatment of this disease and the prevention of serious complications, which threaten the lives of millions of patients around the world.

As for the effect of diabetes on the retina, it is of particular importance because it leads to poor vision and with the passage of time it may lead to complete loss to consider late cases which are not treated regularly and the reason for these complications is that the increase in blood sugar and the inability of tissues to consume it naturally It leads to the accumulation of what is known as alcoholic glucose known as sorbitol, which has a very serious effect on the blood vessels, especially in the retina.

The accumulation of this alcoholic glucose, especially in light of the increase in oxidation factors resulting from the disease itself, leads to severe damage to the blood vessels in the retina, which leads to swelling, bleeding and expansion of some of them, which threatens to cause bleeding inside the eye or retinal detachment, which leads to loss of vision in various degrees.

Stem Cell Treatment in Ukraine

And given that stem cell therapy treats the main cause of diabetes, which is weakening of the pancreas, this treatment strengthens the pancreas, which leads to restoration of function and an increase in normal insulin secretion, which is much better than external insulin that is given to the patient through injection, in addition to that it also leads to the secretion of the rest of the elements Important that the pancreas secretes and whose deficiency causes an important role in the complications of diabetes, all of this leads to the natural consumption of sugar in the blood to benefit from the body and also prevents the formation of alcoholic glucose, which leads to the occurrence of serious complications on the retina.

Third: cirrhosis and hepatitis

The center injects stem cells intravenously or by laparoscopy in specific areas of the liver. A few days after the end of treatment, the liver returns to a normal state of 80% quickly and amazingly, as the stem cells once they reach their place in the liver,

It immediately transforms into hepatocytes and fills the gaps between the fibers and does its job immediately, which is evident from the immediate improvement in the patient’s condition. There was no disease previously, with all the complications caused by cirrhosis, such as esophageal varices, ascites and bile, disappeared within five days of treatment.