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Dragonfly – Galiano Island, BC

Taking time
Taking a moment
To make all things beautiful
To see the inherent beauty
In all things

Buddha” photo card
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Legian, Bali

Overripe mangos
Big as melons
Fall with a soft thud
Into dusty alleys
To burst open
Revealing soft fragrant orange pulp

Thatched roofs
Ornately carved doors
Sculptured stone fences
Vines and flowers
Weaving over them

I wake hours before dawn
To the crow of the roosters
And birds calling out from palm trees

Legian, Bali” photo card
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Saltspring View

Time seems to stop
Time stand still
Only the gentle stream moves
As it winds it’s way down to the sea

Saltspring View” photo card
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Galiano Island, BC

Nature always whispers to me here
Remnants of poems
Words of truth
To bring me home
To the essence of all things
The magic is always here

Galiano Island” photo card
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Candidasa, Bali

Last night
In this transcendent place
I have absorbed through every pore
The peace that pervades –
The sounds of the sea
The pounding of the waves
As we sat together under starlit skies
And watched the dark drifting clouds
Swallow the glowing half moon
Then spit it out again
As they glided on the wind
Sitting in silence
Breathing in the night sea air
We felt grateful for the gifts
Of these days.

Candidasa, Bali” photo card
$3.00 USD