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Ordering by Phone, E-mail, Mastercard or Visa

Giclee Open Edition Prints

On Canvas or “Quality thick poster paper”

22×28 on Canvas or paper — $200.00 USD / $300.00 CAN

22×24 on Canvas or paper — $150.00 USD / $225.00 CAN

Island Life Cards

Minimum order: 10 cards or 1 pkg.

Card Prices: $1.25 USD / $1.50 CAN Per Card

Card Packages: $12.50 USD / $15.00 CAN Per pkg.

“These prices are direct sale to customer prices without commissions paid”

“For retail stores and galleries commissions can be worked out.”

“Bulk orders of 10 or more prints – discounts available.”

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Email or Mail ordering


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Orders may be mailed in by printing out this

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1808 170th St.Apt. B.

Fairfield, Iowa 52556


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