Open Lotus: Thoughts on Love

Open Lotus: Thoughts on Love

Open Lotus: Thoughts on Love – Betsy Randel has created a lush and insightful collection of poems in this, her first book, “Open Lotus: Thoughts on Love”.

When we open her pages, we enter another world. One of deep peace. Betsy’s poems share with us deeply moving expressions the love of nature, love in relationships, and ultimately, the love of the Divine. Image-rich and inquisitive, Open Lotus weaves parallels between the inner and outer worlds, fusing them together in often thought-provoking verse.

Open Lotus: Thoughts on Love

Says Anita Nairne, an art instructor in Vancouver, B.C., “Betsy finds companionship in the beauty around her and expresses it with a compassion that makes one search and question life’s essence.”

A visual artist as well, Betsy has been exploring watercolors, acrylics, and photography for the past ten years. Open Lotus is peppered with her colorful creations, inspired by the rich flora of the Hawaiian Islands, Bali, and the coastal islands of British Columbia.

“Betsy Randel is the Open Lotus. Her passion for life, love, and enlightenment is evident throughout her poetry and paintings. Her poems chart the heart of a seeker on her personal journey towards self-realization. Highlighting that bumpy lonely road are glimpses of the eternal Silence that underlies and permeates all of life – our own inner Self.

“Innocently open to her art and you will find healing here, and a reconnection with who you truly are.”

Kenny Chawkin, Media Relations Officer and fellow poet, Fairfield, IA