Island Life Art Cards

Island Life Art Cards

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Arbutus Tree
Galiano Island, BC

The Arbutus tree stands
Timeless, silent
Stretching across the wood porch
All one can hear
Is the gentle ripple of the stream
This cold spring evening.

“Arbutus tree” watercolor card
$3.00 USD

Cliffhouse – Galiano Island, BC

I am filling myself again
With silence
Water sounds
Soaking in the quiet evening
Ocean water lapping
Against the rocks below

“Cliffhouse” watercolor card
$3.00 USD

Miracles gaple online indonesia

We hope for miracles
We settle for what is
The heart, in quiet silence keeps seeking
As life is daily lived
The awe of the miracles makes us cry
Whether they happen or they don’t
Sometimes we touch the miracle
For an instant
And even that instant
Gives us “hope”

“Miracles” watercolor card
$3.00 USD

Palm Tree, Bali

I feel myself falling
Into the languid rhythm
of these days
Lost in timelessness
Knowing only the needs of the body
The patterns of the hours
The heat of the sun
The breeze and it’s refreshing coolness
The sound of the sea
The liquid peace that is poured over everything
Like soft melted butter

Nature speaks to me
Through all these things
Pulling me quietly into myself
Deeper and deeper
Until every moment
Is a ripple on the sea of silence

“Palm Tree” watercolor card
$3.00 USD


We need to create – even a little
Time spent in creating each day is medicine
It balances and heals our souls and our hearts
It brings us to our centre.
It brings us peace.

“Lilacs” watercolor card
$3.00 USD