Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment – Drug addiction treatment – it is several clinical and rehabilitative treatment programs, and these programs focus on.

1- Salvation from physical addiction

2- Drug treatment and psychological addiction

3- Treating related complications

Drug Addiction Treatment2

When the patient joins the clinic, full examinations are taken directly to him, through which the best way of treatment is known

Each patient has his own individual treatment that takes into account the patient’s psychological characteristics, the duration of his use and the type of drugs, and the resulting effect on the patient due to the period of use

Emergency treatment begins with detoxification

One of the most important problems that are faced at this stage is the prevention and treatment of complications resulting from drug addiction, and to achieve this, specialized doctors use special devices and drugs for this purpose.

The duration of detoxification from the body in emergency situations is:

Heroin addiction – up to 7 days

When addicted to methadone from 10 to 12 days

After treatment for physical addiction, the stage of cleansing the body starts from the effects of drugs and their consequences, and the patient’s recovery phase begins to remove psychological addiction.

Individual and group psychotherapy courses aim to create a socially acceptable personality and behavioral characteristics of a normal life in society without the use of drugs, a preventive period designed to prevent relapse and recurrence of addiction for patients who have finished treatment for drug addiction.

The duration of drug addiction treatment varies from person to person and is from one month to more depending on the patient’s acceptance of the treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment

These steps are treated without interruption, which greatly increases the efficiency of drug addiction treatment.

Patients who choose to leave the clinic when treating physical addiction only, this is their choice, of course, yet experts warn that without taking a full physical and psychological course, the possibility of returning to abuse is very high.

We guarantee complete confidentiality regarding the patient’s identity.